Office: (408) 558-6644 Cell: (408) 529-0099

      Teacher and friend!

      When we started looking around we knew absolutely nothing. You were a teacher, a friend and a Realtor to us. You were sensitive to our needs. You took all possible steps to ensure that we got the house that we dreamed about. You have left an indelible mark in our lives not because you were the Realtor who helped us get our first house but because of the person you are.


      Jessanth & Priya Joseph, Buyer

      “Debra’s solution held the sale together”

      Debra recently helped me sell my home in Willow Glen.  Due to an unforeseen issue that arose on my part, the transaction almost fell apart but Debra was able to formulate a solution that held the sale together and met my needs as well as those of the buyer.

      Joe McKone, Happy Seller

      “Debra made everything so easy”

      We had been renting our house while living on the east coast.  The thought of trying to sell from far away was intimidating but Debra made everything so easy for us. She was kind, friendly, and extremely hard working and always got back to us promptly regardless of the time of day.

      The Brown Family, sellers of rental property

      “She is backed by an accomplished team”

      Debra maintained constant communication insuring all details were addressed in the timeliest manner. Her project management and critical thinking skills shined brightly. It’s obvious she really knows her profession, she’s backed by a very accomplished team, and she’s ready to face up to most any problem.

      David and Claire White, relocated sellers

      “Debra does what’s best for her client”

      Debra took the time to talk with me and understand the root of my concerns and long term goals. Debra was truly motivated to help me do what was best for my financial situation regardless of whether it closed a sale that day.

      Jessica, Happy seller and new homeowner

      “By far, my easiest purchase yet.”

      When it came time to make the offer, I feel I was successful because of all the prep Debra had done. My fourth home purchase and by far one of the easier ones, even in a competitive market!

      Sara C, homebuyer for the 4th time

      Senior Home Owners
      Senior Home Owners
      Empty Nesters / Baby Boomers
      Empty Nesters
      Growing Families
      Growing Households
      First Time Buyers
      First Time Buyers

      Executors & Administrators

      We can answer your burning questions about probate and estate property values, management of personal belongings at the property, and selling "as is" vs. fixed up.

      Your Real Estate Team

       Debra Schwartz, Realtor

       Office: (408) 558-6644
       Cell: (408) 529-0099

       Debra Schwartz has been assisting buyers and sellers of     residential real estate in Santa Clara County since 1995, and   spent 10 additional years prior to that in the mortgage lending industry. Her vast array of experience in the real estate industry combined with several advanced real estate designations allow her to offer advice and perspective that is unsurpassed in her industry. Debra really listens to her clients’ unique goals and concerns. She believes it’s her responsibility to offer the pros and cons of important decisions so clients are empowered to make the best choices for themselves. Any advice she offers is client-centric and always in the clients’ best interest.

      When she’s not serving real estate clients, she enjoys running, hiking in the nearby foothills, international travel, spending time with friends, family, the love of her life, and her 4 cats. Debra regularly volunteers with a variety of non-profit organizations. Having a healthy balance in life brings a great deal of energy and vitality to both her personal and business life, and allows her to serve her clients with a clear and enthusiastic mind.

      Lindsey Morgan

      Lindsey is instrumental when it comes to all the paperwork and closing timelines necessary to move your sale or purchase forward. She has set a high standard for transaction coordination, and she seamlessly handles numerous transactions on an ongoing basis. She expertly manages and monitors the transaction process through her careful interface with Debra, her clients, vendors, title and escrow officers and mortgage lenders. Lindsey’s attention to detail maintains the integrity of the escrow closing process, and assures a timely and efficient transaction for our clients from start to finish.


      Our Values
      We can all learn from history. My early years provide a key to the values that I hold dear both professionally and personally and are a strong influence in how my real estate team serves you. When I was a little girl, I spent an afternoon baking cupcakes for a slumber party that I wasn’t invited to. My family thought that was a bit weird. Yet for me, the concept of contribution seemed natural and came from my heart. Even today I volunteer with Team in Training, provide support to my senior parents; and my real estate team volunteers time with various organizations and we serve as mentors to friends and business associates. In those youthful days, my mom would say that I asked far too many questions. It seemed to her that my overly inquisitive nature was indicative of a 30 year old mind trapped in the body of a child. Today our team serves you better by asking insightful questions that impact not only the sale or purchase itself, but you and your life.
      How We're Different
      Have you ever been to a company picnic? Parents socialize, kids play games, and everyone eats a few hot dogs. At my Dad’s company picnics, you’d find me wandering off on my own hiking the beautiful trails in the park. And at Dads corporate open house, you’d find me flying (and crashing) aerospace simulators. The point is that while I joined the group like everyone else, I tended to try things other folks weren’t doing and had a richer experience as a result. Our goal is to provide you with the quality information you want. We will address not just buying or selling a home , but we’ll make you aware of key issues you may not know you need to know.  We understand that if you have all the right information, you'll make good decisions for yourself.  We're here to advise you, not to "sell you".  That might be a bit different than what your used to, and we're proud of that!

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