First Time Home Buyers

We help you make sense of the information provided by the internet and other sources with our expert market knowledge and resources, and the perspective of a seasoned veteran. We couple that with a special blend of modern technology and personalized service so you can buy with confidence, and have time to live your life.

I’ll never forget buying my first home. I worked as a mortgage lender at the time, and I’d been saving my money for many years and paying down a few bills. I was ready to buy….or so I thought. Even though I’d helped my clients obtain mortgage financing for a decade, I never really realized how many decisions needed to be made in buying a home. And my stomach was in knots when I wrote the biggest check I’d ever written for my down payment. Looking back multiple decades later, that scary decision was one of the best financial decisions of my life. Having this perspective and remembering what that felt like, means I can fully appreciate this next step in your life as a first time buyer.

As your Realtor for Life I will:

  • Provide insights into the best locations for your needs and budget.
  • Negotiate exclusively for you by not representing both parties in the sale.
  • Provide resources and referrals to inspectors, contractors, movers and more.
  • Provide guidance in selecting a lender.
  • Help you understand how tax benefits work and help you compare renting vs owning.
  • Assist you in understanding how condo associations work.
  • Help you determine an offer price and strategy.
  • Monitor activities of your lender, appraiser, escrow, seller and sellers’ agent.
  • Anticipate problems that could arise during the transaction.
  • Search for homes both on and off the MLS.


There is really no substitute for experience when it comes to representing you on the biggest financial decision of your life. Let me help guide you through this process so you can spend more time enjoying your life and building your career. I'd love to help you get started as a homeowner, and continue on in your future as Your Realtor for Life.